Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twins Update

We are so blessed to have both Charles and Aletha doing so well in the NICU. Charles weighs 4 lbs and little sis weighs 3.10. Both babies are taking their bottles like champs! Hopefully, they will only be Mississippi residents for a couple of more weeks. Again, thanks so much for your prayers!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Charles & Aletha

On May 2nd (@ 31 wks) we were blessed with two healthy babies. Charles Fredrick Poole III weighed 3.6 lbs and Aletha Verser Poole weighed 3 lbs. Both babies are growing & enjoying life in the NICU. We can’t wait to bring our new additions home! (The tubes are just feeding tubes….no oxygen necessary for these babies….thanks to the many prayers!)

When Lawton first met her siblings in the NICU, she asked Rick, “what else…..what other babies are mine.” Rick quickly assured her that a brother & sister would definitely be enough to keep us all busy!

We appreciate all of the many prayers for our family. It has been tough juggling twins in the NICU and getting Lawton’s diabetes in check. We take comfort in knowing that God is in total control!!!



Lawton & Alexander (Lawton's babydoll)

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Swimming.....too cold for everybody but Goose & Lawton

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Emma, Mollie Ann & Lawton

Lawton & Isabelle

Lawton & Ann Marie
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